Master the Trinity Missions!

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Andilaveris Caine Lillith
Little is known about Andilaveris, aside from his clear mastery over the supernatural, sharp cunning, and his yearning for power. An unmatchable opponent, Andilaveris's goals are ego-driven and he revels in discord and the purity of chaos.

Some say he is merely insane and should be destroyed, while others yet are convinced he will one day attain the throne he seeks as ruler of all things on the Darkside.

Filled with an unprecedented amount of power, the rage of Caine has existed through centuries demanding respect for his vampire royalty. He is cruel, forthright, and always ready for war. He presides over all things as only king of darkness could: as though all were his.

This is not wishful thinking, as he truly is the father of murder and purveyor of all things born to shadow. There are none outside of the Dark Trinity powerful enough to challenge him.

Universally known as the Mother of Temptation, Lillith's mastery of seduction is unparalleled to any throughout vampire history. She has existed over 8,000 years and in that time has developed a cold, playful humor, utter disregard for weakness, and a taste for the lavish.

It is true she bores easily, but should you catch her attention even for a moment, it will be a moment unforgettable.

Depending on her mood.


Well now you know who the Trinity members are. Now you need to fill that vial up with Blackblood so you can earn a few sweet things. The first thing is a special SANCTUM, and then there's also some POWERS you can get...

When first joining the game, it would be wise to visit the bloodrise and align with one of the trinity members. You will start collecting black blood in a few different ways to fill a vial. To align, go to the bloodrise, and click on choose with the trinity member you wish to align with. The publish button allows you to ask for assistance from clan in getting black blood for your vial. 10 clannies may assist, but the link is good for 12 hours. When the 12 hours is up, if your vial has not been filled, you can use the publish button to ask for assistance again. Once a vial is filled, you must realign. Your assistance request may be published for the new vial and the 12 hours starts from that point.

Black blood vials are full at 1 million black blood. It then dumps into the offering vial and will not fill again unless you realign. With the filling of a vial you receive a Black Blood slave. The black blood and the black blood slaves are used to purchase a black blood power. You're first power of any of them will cost you 3 million black blood and 3 black blood slaves. The slaves are required for upkeep. Subsequent powers will cost more, but always 3 black blood slaves are required. Since they are special powers, you can only purchase them one at a time.

There are a number of ways to get black blood. Fighting, missions, fighting the Trinity (although you may not attack the one you are aligned with), claiming bounties. Please be aware that you will only get black blood from a player once per VDS day. Also, when fighting, they must be aligned with someone different than yourself to receive any black blood at all. Please also be aware that there are Trinity Missions that do open once you align. Those are the ONLY missions you will receive black blood. Once you finish those missions they will lock and you will not have access to them again until your vial has been filled and you realign.

You will know when your vial is full as you will get a pop-up to post stating that you have filled your vial. At the bottom of the offering vial, it does keep track of how much black blood you have in there. Be assured, these powers are ones that you do want to strive for to obtain.