There are two types of slaves on The Darkside: black blood slaves and common slaves.

Common slaves

Proper blood flow management is critical. You can earn blood from fighting and doing missions but you need to have regular blood flow in order to maintain your powers that require upkeep. Common slaves are how this is accomplished. The cost increases each time you buy slaves so you should always try to buy them in groups of 10. When you are first starting out this is more difficult because you have no income. Buy as many at a time as you can of those first slaves. As you move up in the levels better slaves become available. They become more expensive and provide more income. They will also require more minders.

Undertaker Undertaker              Income - 200         Minders - 0      Level 1
                                 Original Cost: 0
Poolboy Pool Boy                Income – 400         Minders – 0      Level 1
                                 Original Cost: 2,000 Blood
Maid Maid                    Income – 850         Minders – 0      Level 5
                                 Original Cost: 4,000 Blood
GothVampLover Goth Vampire Lover      Income – 1,200       Minders - 1      Level 10
                                 Original Cost: 10,000 Blood
CelebImpers Celeb Impersonator      Income – 1,750       Minders - 1      Level 14
                                 Original Cost: 18,000 Blood
ReporterMALE Reporter                Income – 3,900       Minders – 2      Level 21
                                 Original Cost: 43,750 Blood
BoyBand Boy Band                Income – 7,850       Minders – 3      Level 28
                                 Original Cost: 145,500 Blood
Author Author                  Income – 16,250      Minders – 5      Level 35
                                 Original Cost:	367,500 Blood
WhackyCeleb Whacky Celeb            Income – 37,750      Minders – 8      Level 42
                                 Original Cost: 610,000 Blood
Fm Fashion Model           Income – 60,500      Minders – 9      Level 49
                                 Original Cost: 1,417,500 Blood
Socialite Socialite               Income – 90,250      Minders – 10     Level 56
                                 Original Cost: Blood
Ss Pro Sportstar           Income – 129,250     Minders – 11     Level 63
                                 Original Cost: Blood
CEO C.E.O                   Income – 158,725     Minders – 12     Level 70
                                 Original Cost: Blood
Cheer squad 2 Cheer Squad             Income – 192,057     Minders – 14    Level 150
                                 Original Cost: 4,390,625 Blood
SideshowFreaks Sideshow Freak          Income – 253,515     Minders – 16    Level 195
                                 Original Cost: 5,331,473 Blood
Vigilante Alternate Vigilante               Income – 373,174     Minders – 18    Level 240
                                 Original Cost: 6,331,124 Blood
1021 Mental Patient          Income – 456,205     Minders – 20    Level 275
                                 Original Cost: 7,386,312 Blood
1022 Doll Maker              Income – 638,687     Minders – 22    Level 385
                                 Original Cost: 8,494,259 Blood
1023 Genetic Scientist       Income – 764,827     Minders – 24    Level 430
                                 Original Cost: 9,652,567 Blood
Paranormal Investigators Paranormal Investigator Income – 864,254     Minders – 26    Level 490
                                 Original Cost: 10,859,137 Blood
Forensics Team Forensics Team          Income – 1,194,831   Minders – 28    Level 550
                                 Original Cost: 15,112,115 Blood
Conspiracy Theorist Conspiracy Theorist     Income – 1,565,228   Minders – 30    Level 800
                                 Original Cost: 20,731,270 Blood
Grave Diggers Grave Diggers           Income – 2,081,753   Minders – 32   Level 1045
                                 Original Cost: 26,804,397 Blood
Brothel Madame Brothel Madame          Income – 2,649,030   Minders – 34   Level 1115
                                 Original Cost: 29,317,309 Blood

Some of the slaves require minders. The total number of minders available to you is 501. If a slave requires 1 minder you will need to have 1 minder available for each slave you own. You can always check how many minders you have available by looking underneath your Bloodflow information on the “Slaves” tab. When you are first starting out you will not have all 501 minders working for you.

IMPORTANT!! Remember, it is advised that you purchase the slaves in sets of 10.

Whacky Celeb, Fashion Model, Socialite, Pro Sportstar, C.E.O = 1% increase in cost if bought one at a time, or they can increase at 10% if you buy them in the set of 10. It is STILL advised that you purchase them 10 at a time.

Minders v2a

When you move to a level with a new slave be prepared for the changes you are going to make before you make them. You will not always be able to just buy the slaves you want because of the minder requirements. Eventually you will have to sell some of your slaves to free up minders. It is a good idea to make your changes several minutes before your next payout because there will be times that you “go negative” while you make the transition. To find out how many you need to sell in order to buy the new slave set your current slaves up in a chart with the number you have and the minders they use. Here is a sample of a possible change over.

90 Goth x 1minder               90
50 Celeb x 1 minder             50
60 Reporter x 2                 minder 120
80 Boy band x 3 minder 240      TOTAL Minders used 500
New slave
Author x 5 minder

You need 50 minders for every 10 Authors you purchase. First make sure you have enough blood on hand to purchase the entire set of ten. There is currently 1 minder available so here you would sell 49 Goth and then purchase 10 Authors. This is what it now looks like.

49 Goth x 1minder               49
50 Celeb x 1 minder             50
60 Reporter x 2                 Minder 120
80 Boy band x 3 minder 240
10 Author x 5 minder            50                TOTAL Minders Used: 501

Check to see that you have enough blood for the next set of 10 and remember the cost has now gone up. Then you would sell the last 41 Goths and 9 of the Celebs and purchase 10 more authors. Then you just repeat the process. The next change would sell 40 of the Celebs (yes leave one there) and 5 Reporters freeing up 50 more minders. Notice that the Pool Boys and Maids are not included above. They don’t use minders so keep what you purchase and let them just earn blood for you.

Black blood slaves

These slaves are earned by filling black blood vials. Each time you fill a small vial you will get a slave corresponding to the trinity member you are aligned with. You align with trinity members on the Bloodrise tab. Three black blood slaves are required for each black blood power. Any black blood slave can be used for each power. You won’t need three High Slaves of Caine for the Essence of Caine power. You could have one of each just as long as you have three.

BR2High Slave of Caine High Slave of Caine
BR2Lilliths Pet Lilliths Pet
BR2Concubine of Andi Concubine of Andilaveris