Q. What are Sanctums?
A. Sanctums are here to help you express the true Vampiric side of your nature. They help to improve the look and feel of your personal time playing in the Darkside. Remember to visit the Council often for new purchasable Sanctums, and that you may switch to any Sanctum you like at any time... provided you own them. . Sanctums will always be developed and some will be awarded to you for various accomplishments or milestones.

Sanctums are your Vampire's home in VDS. There are a few to choose from when you start out... And if you save (and store. You have to earn it and save it all up, can't spend it!) up just over 10 million in Black Blood, you can earn this one! This is the first of many new Sanctums that will become available over time, depending on varying requirements.


And now with the Advent of the Blood Wars, NEW Sanctums have been released!


You can buy the "Death Angel" or "Queen of the Dead" Sanctum for a mere 20 Favor Points..

Want even MORE awesomeness? Try out the Bloodline Sanctums!
During the Blood Wars, these were Free, they still might be!









When will the awesomeness stop? Who knows!!

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