NEW! Teams Announced! Our next live, game-wide Blood Wars killfest event is scheduled for the weekend of Halloween, 2010 (weekend of October 31st, 2010. This year, that date falls on a Sunday). For those of you who are new, our last Blood Wars featured a huge unrestricted killfest where all four Bloodlines squared off against one another. The battle was very close and in the end the Nosferato came out on top, winning the precious Phangdrite stone. This time we're teaming up two bloodlines to square off against the remaining two for our much coveted and highly desired prize, in a team vs team deathmatch that will knock your fangs out!

The Teams will be:

Muroni AND Varaco versus Gayal AND Nosferatu...

But wait that's not all! This time we're going to add in an evil little twist that's sure to get your wicked heads swimming with sick new strategies. What is it? Ah, you'll have to wait and see... details will be announced as we move closer to the date. In the meantime you've got just over a month to build up your vamps, stock up on devourables, get to know your new teammates, and hone your fangs to a razor point!

Phangdrite is a precious stone that will add a permanent +1 to your attack. When won after a blood war, it will appear in your catacombs! Click the word "Phangdrite" to see it's history!


VDS 1st Birthday Bash
As well as the event, Halloween also marks the Darkside's very first Birthday. One human year may seem infinitesimal in the lifespan of a vampire, but that's no reason to make it any less than a bloodgasmic time! To honor this momentous occassion, we've got extra prizes and yet another surprise hiding under our cloaks. Excited yet?