Minor Bloodlines (House of..)

When a player attains 500 Childer, they become the Regent of their own Minor Bloodline (also known as a House). Of course this doesn't happen every day, so when it does the momentous occasion comes with a few perks. A Regent is rewarded with:

The option to name their House (and a House Symbol).
A special reward Power: Diadem of the Regent [20/20, Physical] DiademoftheRegent
A special Sanctum unavailable any other way (House of the Regent)

A new funcitonality to be able to view one's descendants. Useful for mentoring and meeting others from one's line.

A new profile page banner that reads:
"You Now Stand Before the Exalted Regent..." (rather than the "you now stand in the sanctum of...)

* It is important to mention that this isn't a "new" feature. It just takes Vamps a LONG time to acquire the needed Childer and Grand-Childer to accomplish this feat. It is also worth mentioning that you don't "lose" anything. If you were Varaco before, you're still Varaco. Your bloodline is "extended" in a way, but it's not altered from the original.Edit

Minor1 16x16 House of Letalis
The first person to found their own minor bloodline was Darla the Deadly. With this privilege she has founded the "House of Letalis". At last count, her bloodline included 1,617 vampires.

MinorA 16x16 House of Northman
The second minor bloodline was founded by Eric Northman-Longspery. At last count, 864 descendants comprise the ¥ House of Northman ¥.