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So. You think you have what it takes? Want to be a LEGEND?! Fangs Well good. There's FOUR tiers to climb through on Vampires: The Darkside. Each one presents you with new challenges, and new things to learn. Getting on to the Leaderboards in each tier is a great accomplishment. Of all the many players in each tier, only the top 20 are listed, and of those, only the top four are considered "at the top". Where do you stack up in there? Let's find out. If you work hard enough during the day, you can make it onto the DAILY Leaderboards.. Do that enough times, and eventually - you'll be on the OVERALL Leaderboards..


Childe, as a rule - die a lot. You're new. That's cool. The Childe tier begins at "0" and goes until you reach Level 13. Learning the game is essential, and that's why you're here. The fastest way to not be a Childe anymore, is to kill a lot - and Level up. One of the very FIRST things you should be doing, is to check out the PvP Builds page. This will help ensure you have a solid long-term strategy in place, and give you a leading edge in the PvP world. Remember though, you're not the ONLY one reading this..


Next up are the Vampires. You're not fresh and new anymore, but you're still a wee Vamp. By now you've learned to love your RAGE. And you're doing some killing. Vampires control a large section of the playerbase currently, ranging from Level 13 through Level 49.


This tier opens up at Level 50. When you get here, you have 19 levels to get as strong as you can possibly get. You need to go through the Tutorials carefully and make sure you're as strong as you can be, banking as much blood as you can. Once you hit Level 90...


Then you REALLY have entered the fray. The Elders tier begins at Level 90, and presently - goes all the way into the 700's for Level. So without even someone putting you on the Hit List, you may still find yourself food for Vamps who are insanely stronger than you. To get on the top of the Leaderboard here though isn't impossible, at least not for the "Daily" segments.

Now... ONCE you have made it into the Elders... Remember to keep playing with, and adjusting your powers. You can sell off a lot of the buyable ones, as you increase the number of "Dropped" powers. Your "real" birthday isn't just when you hit the Elders tier, it's when you hit TRIPLE DIGITS... Also... Talk with your Sire, or find a higher level clannie if you can (shouldn't be hard, there's TONS), and ask them for the elusive "dummy list"... That will be your BIGGEST help as you climb the ranks within the tier.