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Read each of the pages carefully and thoroughly, for many hidden tidbits, and lots of things you'll find useful to create a winning strategy and help you along the way. This entire Wikia was designed to be your ultimate source for information, hints, and to grant you some foresight. It's a player-based initiative, so not everything contained in this Wikia is official cannon, though all of it is based on the game itself and will serve you well.

If you find there are things missing, please - do not hesitate to head over to the Credits page, and find some contact information and send in your suggestions for Wikia edits. At present, this Wikia is locked so that ONLY chosen people may edit the Wikia. This is to avoid drama, and trouble from a myriad of sources, and to protect game integrity, as well as the integrity of this Wikia. We hope you enjoy and find everything you need here. Since I mention that... In order to guarantee just a little mystery, there are some aspects to the game which are NOT presently a part of this Wikia. Perhaps at some point - they will be added, but for now the general consensus is that some things are more fun to 'discover' on your own.

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