There are 3 missions in the Daywalker set.

Requirements Payout
Opens at Level 20+

Early Riser
Chapter 1/3

25 Energy

10 Clan

Blood icon 15,000 - 18,750

Star red 50

Opens at Level 70

Day Walker
Chapter 2/3

50 Energy

100 Clan

Blood icon 27,500 - 32,500

Star red 100

Opens at Level 120

Light Runner
Chapter 3/3

75 Energy

150 Clan

Blood icon 38,500 - 44,250

Star red 125

Remember, Lillith's Pact only lasts for 60 minutes once you get it.
During that time there are a few different ways you can spend your Energy.
Doing the Daywalker missions is a great way to do it, and you get the bonus chance to get some "Rare Powers", so it's DEFINITELY worth your time.

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