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House Tag: 

I have written you once or twice before & My childe has written you as well..., so I try again:) :

Also, my childe: Desdemonyka (Vampirename) was a Northman before, so the tag on her sanctum say. "House of Northmann"...., she has been my childe fr amonth or two now, & still she has not gotten her rightfully House tag : "House of Letalis".

We hope you can fix this now soon, please? her link is: (Desdemonyka),

Real name: Ivanna Bieyu-Badhgurl

My name is : june Marie Hausken, My vampire name is : Phastet~Letalis Link:

So we only ask, that you change her house tag in her sanctum....she is now a Letalis, NOT a Northman...plllleeeease fix this:)

& Ty:) ^^


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