In the Catacombs, there are many excellent things to find... While these are YOUR Catacombs, other players CAN see what you have, they just can't see "how many".

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Cryptograms Special Items Tokoloshe


In our Sarcophagus, we will find the many things that prolong the suffering of our victims, and restore our ability to accomplish things in the game, like doing missions, killing, and surving through it all. So far, this can be broken down into those three categories..

Energy Orb
+20 Energy

Human Soul
+15 Energy

Inner Focus
+10 Energy

Necro Anobolic Elixir
+5 Energy
Rage Orb
+20 Rage
Spark of Turmoil
+15 Rage
Rage Tablets
+10 Rage
Necro Tonic
+5 Rage
First aid
Blood Orb
100% Health
Health Pack
75% Health
Quick Shot
50% Health
Synthetic Blood
25% Health

One of the cool features to VDS, is that we can gift. What we can gift, depends on our inventory, and there ARE limits to what we can SEND and also RECEIVE.


We love our devourables! It can however get a little frustrating to consistantly end up with Duds when we're certain we have the room for actual devourables. If this is happening to you, you'll want to pay attention. The reason is very simple and has everything to do with understanding how many you can hold.

TRUE: You may only hold x4 of any group. FALSE: You may hold x4 of any devourable.

This means if you have (for example)1 Rage orb, 2 Spark of Turmoil, and 1 Necro Tonic, you're full up on your Rage devourables and can't hold anymore. If this example was true, and you went to collect a mystery gift you could recieve a Dud. Likewise if a Clan member attempted to gift you a Rage devourable you would be full and could not accept it without using one.

Dark Orbs are the only exception to this rule. All of these new orbs have no stacking limit whatsoever. This means you can have as many of each different kind of Dark Orbs as you can collect (including the much prized ultra-mega-super-magnificent-killer-cool "combo" orb)!


You can send up to three gifts, and you can receive up to three gifts - each day. You cannot send more than one gift to the same person in a day, nor can you receive more than one gift from the same person each day. If you have any of the above items in your "inventory", then when you go to "send" a gift, those will be among your options to send. If you do not - then you can only send a "mystery gift". Mystery gifts can be any of the above consumable items, or a small collection of fun but useless gifts that you can't keep. There IS an even more devious aspect to gifting on VDS... The ability to rob someone else's gift. You can do that up to five times in a day. If you see someone post a gift to another player on your FB wall, you can actually try to rob them of that gift. But be careful... Everything with gifting shows up in your feed, the senders feed, and the intended recipients' feed...